Friday, December 21, 2012

Time Management

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The past few weeks I have felt really pinched on time.  It's a challenge, as many of you know, to balance family, professional, and personal needs such as exercise. While I have neglected the last item during this time span, I am thankful for for a wonderful, healthy, supporting family; and I am thankful for getting to pursue a career that I love.

In working with students, it is important to keep this idea of teaching time management.  Students have family, school, friends, activities (sometimes numerous), and a myriad of other things that seek their time.  As educators, it feels as if we are responsible for helping students learn a variety of things.  How does one fit in one more thing such as time management?  It shouldn't be any one teacher's or class responsibility; it is a school responsibility.  It needs to be purposeful, planned for, and seamless.  At every level, habit development looks a little different, but it comes down to instilling some good habits and continuing to build on, talk and refine those habits as students progress through their schooling.  Plus, well developed habits pay huge dividends down the road such as students that are more likely to be prepared, organized, motivated, and engaged.

During this holiday season, focus on habits that will help you and your student balance their time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


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